Music Together Outdoors

We're excited to be making music together in person again!

Come for a Free Trial Class!         Register for the Spring Session!

Classes will be held on the lawn of Saint Philip's Church in Dyker Heights, and in several NYC Public Parks   

To reduce the risk of transmission of Covid: 

-- We will be meeting outdoors and socially distance-SING!

-- Class size is limited to 8 families per class

-- Each family will remain on their own blanket, at least six feet away from the nearest family's blanket.  While it is a big change from our pre-pandemic policy of "free-range toddlers", we will ask the adults to prevent their little ones from traveling over to another family's blanket, in order to maintain proper social distancing.

-- We will not be sharing instruments, but instead will be asking families to bring instruments from home for their own use during class.  Here are some suggestions for home-made or purchased instruments to bring.

-- Masks will be worn by adults and children two years old and up.  It is possible that the instructor may teach without a mask, if fully vaccinated and at a distance greater than six feet.

--  Please pack a blanket for your family to sit on. (You may want to bring a tarp or shower curtain as well, if the grass is damp.) This will also provide a clear visual boundary for maintaining distance. Consider bringing sunscreen, hand sanitizer, insect repellent, and water.

-- We have chosen locations that are near restrooms, but it is possible that they might not be open or in good shape on any given day. (At St. Phillip's Church, we do have use of their restrooms.)

-- In case of rain, or other conditions which make an outdoor class unfeasible, the class will be made up on Zoom.  We will not be offering make-up dates for cancelled outdoor classes.  We will notify class by text message and/or website announcement if the class is moving to Zoom that day.  No refunds or credits will be given if classes need to move to Zoom.

 All participants must sign our Assumption of Risk / Waiver of Liability form prior to attending their first class.

Please note, that while we have done our best to find convenient and appropriate locations in the public parks, we cannot predict or control conditions there on any given day!

We realize that outdoor classes are not for everyone!
We will be doing our very best to create the best possible class experience, but flexibility and a sense of adventure are good items to pack in your bag!   We will be in a public space and there are many things out of our control, such as weather, ground conditions, bugs, noise, other people using the park, etc.
(We expect that Saint Philip's Church lawn should have fewer variables.)

Please consider your comfort level regarding these conditions prior to registering for class.