Instruments to Bring to Class

Whether you're coming to the Park, or to a Zoom class, having some instruments handy will make class more fun!

Here are some things to bring:

-- Something to shake (like egg shakers, or small containers filled with rice or beans)

-- Something to drum (like a drum, coffee can, cardboard box, tupperware, or storage bin)

-- Something to tap (like rhythm sticks or wooden spoons)

-- Something to wave (like scarves, dish towels, bandanas)

-- Extra credit - Something that rings (pot lids, bells, metal water bottle)


If you would like to purchase some high-quality child-friendly instruments, here are a few suggestions to get your started (please check the age range for these instruments.  Some other suggestions would be appropriate for infants and young toddlers):

--  Large or Small Egg Shakers, Mini-Maracas 

--  Rhythm Sticks   

--  Wrist Jingle Bells 

--  Drums    Drums   Drums    Drums that store easily

-- Resonator Bells