Rhythm Kids - (Ages 4-7)

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Rhythm Kids Trial Classes

Bay Ridge - Tuesday, January 14 at 4:45 pm
               - Saturday, January 11 at 3:30 pm

Sheepshead Bay - Sunday, January 12 at 12:15 pm

To reserve a spot, please call or text 718-499-2866
or email musictogetherbr@gmail.com.
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The next musical step for your preschool child (ages 4-7) and an introduction to instrument instruction in a play-based approach! 

It's a great way to develop skills in leadership, decision-making, working within a group, and encouraging creativity -- all while developing more sophisticated musical skills and learning an instrument!

We’ll drum, sing, use other rhythm instruments, and play music-based games. Kids this age are at an exciting developmental stage, where they can begin to drum and sing with musical accuracy, play or sing on cue, wait for their turn, lead others, follow instructions to play musical games, and make up their own musical mini-compositions.   But they still have lots of fun, goofy energy, so we'll keep things playful and creative.

We’ll be using a multicultural curriculum, with new “Animal” song collections.  Each new "Animal" song collection features several songs from the current Music Together collection, which will be familiar to some families, and also introduces new songs from around the world, a fun new Hello and Goodbye song, and a variety of new drumming patterns.

Rhythm Kids uses Djembes to teach drum technique and rhythm patterns from cultures around the world.  A parent or caregiver attends class with the child once a week.  At home, during the week, fun instructional videos will lead our families through drumming practice and play sessions -- working to master different drumming patterns.  

Be part of the fun this Winter as we drum to the "Tiger" song collection!

(Note: Families will be asked to purchase a child-size Djembe for each child, and to bring the drum to class each week.  We will provide the drums at our cost ($32).  Larger Djembes or other drums will be provided for the adults to use during class.)

Schedule of Classes

Schedule Start-End Dates Teacher Class

Music Together Studio (90th St. & 3rd Ave.)
275 - 90th Street
(near 3rd Ave.)
Brooklyn, New York 11209
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Tuesday 4:45 PM 01/14/20 - 03/24/20 Amhara Buxton Rhythm Kids - Ages 4 - 7 Register
Saturday 3:30 PM 01/11/20 - 03/28/20 Stacie Levy - Norris Rhythm Kids - Ages 4 - 7 Register

Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio (Sheepshead Bay Rd & E 17 St)
1635 Sheepshead Bay Road
Brooklyn, NY 11235
map and directions
Sunday 12:15 PM 01/12/20 - 03/22/20 Amhara Buxton Rhythm Kids - Ages 4 - 7 Register