What Families are saying about Music Together ONLINE

When we had to shut down our in-person classes,
we weren't really sure how well an online Music Together class would work. 

Then we started getting dozens of messages like these .....


  • We are thoroughly enjoying the online classes! Despite the circumstances, we were thrilled that we would be able to virtually continue when the online classes were first announced! John has been so great (as usual!) His Zoom class is engaging and our son absolutely adores them.
  • We love the classes! [Our son] now asks for music class so we watch the FB live videos all the time. He also started following along with the motions. He's come a long way and it's amazing to see. Thank you for all the coordination and to all the teachers for their hard work.
  • [My sons] love class and get so much out of it all the time. They are constantly singing and making up new songs. It has been wonderful for them. Additionally, it's been a welcome routine during these very difficult and uncertain times. 
  • Bravo to all at Music Together! These live events and videos are awesome for maintaining some feeling of “normalcy” for our littlest kids. Thanks again and keep them coming! 
  • I just want to say thank you for all you do for our families! My son is constantly singing aloud your songs. Currently he is singing Stick Tune in his own way and learning the lyrics! (Throwing in some ABCs too) Although he is not sharing in the moment with his Music Together friends, we find alternative ways to make a classroom setting at home.
  • [Our daughter]  loves her music together classes! Thank you for providing the Zoom classes and FB live classes! 
    She sings all the songs, makes up her own lyrics, creates her own instruments and basically enjoys!

  • We look forward to the new semester. The music and songs from the class are part of our daily routine and I can't imagine not having this in our life. Thank you and your team for all your hard work.

  • Our sincerest thanks to Michael and his amazing staff. Class is over but the kids are still singing over here. We’re interested in the Spring Semester. Stay safe and be well.
  • Seeing Miss Michelle on the computer made [my child] SO SO happy. Thank you all for bringing music class into our homes. 
  • [My daughter] tried to hug the screen during John's Facebook Live class today!"
  • [Our child]  absolutely loved your class, Amhara Buxton!!! She recognized you immediately and was very excited throughout the entire class. Thank you so much!
  • Just wanted to say thank you for the quick transition to FB page. [Our child]  hopes to see Jacques Stewart and all of our friends in person soon!
  • Now that the next semester is nearing, we just wanted to thank all the teachers for their awesome Facebook sessions, and their endless creativity and spontaneity. It’s nice to know that there is always another session just around the corner when the days can get really long nowadays.
  • Thank you again for do this! such a blessing!
  • [Our child] is missing John and had me “pay music” video with John 3 times so far.
  • [Our child] is loving it dancing all over the place, Thank you so much Emma, what a great class.
  • Staying positive and grateful that I was able to join music class today while working from home.  [Our child] was one happy baby and Grammy too!
  • Thank you for making this work and for the teachers' willingness to do virtual sessions!
  • Thank you to all the teachers,  your videos make our day!
  • [Our child]  is “being miss Michelle Zilles” and making his own music class.
  • We sometimes miss the live class if [our child] is napping but then do it afterwards by watching the videos.  We are having so much fun! Thank you so much!
  • Hi Jeanine [our children]  love watching the videos... Such a great way to keep the program going.
  • [Our children]  were so happy to see you!!! [Our child]  even said “I love you” to you on the phone at the end. And he’s not a mushy kid!! 
  • We were so happy to see and sing with you!  All the likes and loves from [our children].  They miss you.
  • Thank you. Thank you Thank you to the whole music together staff. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate this. I have been saving the video till the weekdays so that I can do work from home. My daughter loves them and it keeps her safe while I work.
  • [Our child] nearly jumped through the screen during trot trot to sit on your lap!