Unlimited Bonus Classes

This Winter, we are offering unlimited bonus and make-up classes! 

So no worries about, shifting work or school days, unexpected trips, or being tied to a schedule. 

Come to your regular class time whenever you can, to enjoy the sense of community that Music Together classes build.   But feel free to mix and match class times to fit your schedule. 

And if you just want to enjoy more of the Music Together classroom experience, take some extra classes on us!

How it works:

-- You are guaranteed your seat in your regular enrolled Zoom class. No need to sign up in advance for that class.

-- If you need a make-up class, or want to take a free bonus class, reserve a spot in advance using our online scheduler.

-- Make-up and bonus classes are offered on a space-available basis and are not guaranteed.  (We want to make sure the classes don't get too crowded - -but it probably won't be an issue this Winter.)

-- Bonus classes must be used in the session in which you are enrolled (Winter). They do not carry over to the next season.

-- If you know you will be absent from your regular class, let us know, so we can create an extra seat that day.