Birth - 4 Years
Music Together
of Bay Ridge
Amhara Buxton
Atlantic Ballroom Dance Studio (Sheepshead Bay Rd & E 17 St)
Monday, 10:15 AM
01/13/20 - 03/23/20 (11 weeks)

Almost all of our classes are mixed-age groups, including children as young as a few months and as old as four or five years old. Educators have long considered mixed-age groupings to be beneficial, and the Music Together® program is designed with this in mind. Activities focus on adult/child interaction, so children of different ages (siblings, for example) enjoy classes together in a family-like atmosphere. 

Young children naturally learn language by interacting informally in mixed-age settings - and it is the same process for music. As in a large family, children of different ages learn musical, social, communication, and other skills from each other as well as from the adults — while their individual development is stimulated in age-appropriate ways.

The Music Together "mixed-age" curriculum and philosophy is educationally appropriate and musically challenging for children up through kindergarten age. While many children in our program are younger than that, if your child is pre-school age, please know that “older” kids thrive in our mixed-age classes, where they will continue to be challenged musically, while enjoy a leadership role, and the educational benefits that come from increased confidence and sense of mastery.  They’ll also have opportunities for special interactions with the teacher, as they start making greater use of their growing musical, verbal, movement, imaginative, and social skills.

It can be beneficial, if possible, to have a small group of "older" children enrolled together in a mixed-age class, so look for specially-marked classes on the schedule, if you wish.

But mostly, pick the time that works best for your family's schedule, and don't worry too much about the labels.